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Your $20 annual voluntary contribution:

1.     Provides capital needed to offset the costs which would normally be provided by HOA#2 at Transition

2.     Supports STPO's efforts as the advocate for the homeowners of SaddleBrooke Two.

3.     Funds vital projects to enhance our Community, including the Pavement and Roads Study in 2007 and the Financial Reserve Study of 2008

4.     Publishes TWO'S NEWS, a publication sponsored by and sustained by STPO.

5.     To accomplish its advocacy role STPO created and sustains the Unit Rep organization.

In addition to these functions, STPO sponsors many events and meetings that are of general concern throughout SaddleBrooke.  Your support of STPO will do much to enhance your experience as a resident of SaddleBrooke Two.


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Next STPO Meeting on April 9, 2015 at 1:00 in the Mariposa Room at DesertView Theater








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